1)After download unrar archive
2) Run 'BF3 by reloaded
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5)Close program and let's play :)

This is unbelievable; Battlefield 3 has been released by the developer. Every boy, young and grown up love to play a game, video game, battlefield 1 has reached top popularity when it was first released couple years ago. Now the Bad Company, the developer of Battlefield, make cooperation with DICE, creative company who handle the visual design, has released Battlefield 3 to satisfy the Battlefield's fans. It took long years of waiting the sequel of Battlefield, at the first time Battlefield game only come in PC. But now the company will fulfill the request of gamer all over the world to produce Battlefield Game 3 in Xbox 360, Play station 3 and also PC. It's your choice to choose in what console to play this game and win the battle.

DICE and Bad Company using new technology in developing Battlefield 3, they create a real vision look alike with that technology. They said that they have wait until 3 years to wait the perfect technology to arrange the graphic of Battlefield 3. They don't want to use some random technology just to feel customer demand; it is so not their style. They ask the customer to wait until they found suit technology to create better graphic vision for the Battlefield 3 Game. And yes, the result is very satisfying due to the long waiting time, the company has been released a great war game that really looks real. The motion of the plane, tank and also the soldier is really real. There is no difference for the visual graphic whether you play it on PC, Xbox or PlayStation 3, it's all same. The company doesn't want to make difference because they want to satisfy the Battlefield's fans and pay the long waiting time they did. The company also guarantees that people will never see the war game like this before because this is the first war game that using high technology of visual graphic, it is very amazing when you play this game. You will feel like living in a battle situation and get involved on that battle.

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